The Origin of Tetris Game: Pentomino

It sounds astonishing, but tetris game had appeared long before computers were invented. The original tetris game was known as Pentomino. Its goal is to fill the given field without spaces with the help of various figures that consist of five (Latin “penta”) square blocks. The figures used in Pentomino look like Tetris pieces.

Up to isomorphism (rotating and flipping), there are 12 possible shapes. Each piece is labelled by the letter that most accurately reflects its shape. The problem is to fit the 12 pentomino pieces into various shapes, often rectangles. The rectangle shapes that fit all 60 squares are of sizes 3×20, 4×15, 5×12, and 6×10.

Lastest Version of Tetris

Tetris Online

Tetris is now available on web and mobile. you can install app to enjoy this amazing game or you can play this game at your web browser. Tetris Online advanced interface settings put you in control over the various features of the game such as the quality of the blocks, the speed of the rotation, the sensitivity of the keyboard, multimedia options and many others.

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