Nintendo 3DS Mini Bravely Default Analysis

Graphics and Art

Bravely Default, the game is visually splendid, in fact it seems to me that it is one of the games with the most powerful artistic direction that I have been able to enjoy.

Of course to say that the 3D effect is the best in the Nintendo 3DS catalog and invites you to play at all times with three dimensions.

Game history

The story is classic with great moments and some less interesting plot, but in general there is humor, drama, quarrels and a bit of everything that is always good. The main characters and enemies are less well defined but without being obnoxious, they are not ultra charismatic either, they let themselves be seen.

Fighting system

The fighting is a joy and the configuration possibilities are a success, breaking the rules of the JRPG! You can attack 2, 3 or 4 times in the same turn with more variants, you can avoid random combats, lower or increase the frequency of these. You also have the possibility to change the level of difficulty and many other options.

You can play with the work or the class of each of your 4 characters that you will discover throughout the world, this allows you to have countless extra skills and new features.

Effects, music and sound

The Music would put a great note because most of the melodies, effects and others are of great quality, without any fault.

What I see wrong:

The final part is very heavy, I will not spoiler but it really makes you think if it was really necessary so much waste of time to repeat so many fights against final bosses that you had already fought and defeated … it made me doubt if you quit the game …

I think that the conversations between the characters are trying to lengthen too much and the presentation of the key moments and dialogues are the most common: without any kinematics, without camera changes, with little expressiveness in the characters, In this aspect I see him careless and he lacks spectacularity.

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