MSX Tatica Creation

We go back to the past to play the endearing Tatica of MSX , perhaps unknown to many, but who hooked me during my childhood, perhaps my first video game , and that under that appearance of ancient game is very addicted.

More about Tatica’s creation

This game went to the MSX microcomputer in 1984 (soon 30 years ago), and was developed by Mass Tael . He seems to be a unique creator. Finally after the performance of Tatica, Sony decided to publish it in Spain and bet on this jewel of the past.

What do we play with Tatica?

The goal is very clear, protect and take care of your chicks . We embody a charismatic Penguin to play an arcade where we must mainly put out the fires that burn the igloos (we assume where they live); hit the fish when they jump and fly over our head to send them to the platforms where the chicks walk, to feed on them; and sometimes we will have chicks flying in a balloon to the surface, animals that we must collect before they fall.

“Our weapons will be the jump and vertical launch of a kind of snowball or raindrop”

With these three tasks, the phases will gradually pass, adding more difficulty at each stage. With the passing of the phases we get lives and points. Also when passing each screen we will discover new obstacles and challenges , such as the arrival of polar bears that will discard the fish that we give to the chicks, crabs that will walk along the bottom and we must jump to not hurt ourselves , etc.

A real challenge but very addictive

I have reached screen 34 and Tatica has not finished yet, it is quite complicated to get the phases completed at this point, as there are increasingly challenging obstacles. Once here the tasks are mixed, that is to say that the chicks must be fed and fires extinguished, or fed while we are watching the chicks that are falling in a balloon. A real frenzy of events in which we must act fast, with skill and precision so that our beloved Penguin will continue to protect its young.

“One of my first video games”

This, along with the Rambo cartridge, Barbarian and others are the memories that were my first games. Soon we will remember more old video games … until then!

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