Livingstone I guess from MSX

Today I have to talk about one of the most complete and fun games I played on MSX, I mean Livingstone I guess , a platform and adventure video game developed by the mythical Opera Soft company for the following platforms: Sinclair MSX, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad PCW, Commodore 64, PC and Atari ST.

What stands out about this platform game?

Despite the time, both colors, animations, movements and graphics stood out and drew attention. It is a game that did not need presentation, after touching it for a while you already liked it. It has a very worked and flexible gameplay . Every element seems to have been thought and studied to the extreme in order to give a super entertaining gaming experience .

But what is most enjoyed above all are the possibilities offered by the handling and gameplay , that is, I marveled and got hooked on this game thanks to its 4 possible items or actions (in addition to jumping), which are:

– The knife / sword : Its launch is horizontal although it is losing strength and is falling. – The Boomerang : throwing this element we can reach an object or kill an enemy, always taking into account the parabolic effect that this “weapon” does – The bomb : could be dropped or dropped in the case of having enemies at low altitude. – The pole : to fly away and cross long distances through the heights of the stages.

Mastering these 4 elements of Livingstone I suppose was complicated at first since it depended completely on the force with which we used it. We remember that to use them we needed to press the space bar and the longer the item would be launched, the louder we would fly with the pole. Here was the really fun, flexibility and possible combinations.

Enemies and scenarios

I also liked and very funny the enemies and scenarios of Livingstone I suppose, in those years when it went on sale (1986), the recreation in MSX of jungle-like environments, with waterfalls and enemies typical of those areas were brilliantly recreated, although always from the MSX platform. The monkeys, the snakes, the bird that took us and took us to its nest without asking us, the hunter, and the dangerous carnivorous plant. A Masterpiece of Opera Soft , for me it is one of the best old Spanish video games.

Sounds and melody

The melody of the beginning is simply extraordinary. As soon as you sound, you get a good feeling through the body and a feeling that you have a great game in front of you, that you cannot avoid listening to it for a while and driving the tooth to this adventure / platforms created by Spaniards in the golden age of software. Press play on the next video and listen to it, you’ll see !!!

But what was it about?

We needed to gather 5 jewels or gems and get to the entrance of a temple to a very peculiar sculpture, it was delivered and the aforementioned temple was accessed in search of the lost doctor livingstone I guess, until I found him and … that would end the game. Below you can see a video of the MSX version of Livingstone, the one I played at the time:

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