Little Inferno of Tomorrow Corporation

Tomorrow Corporation is a company formed by one of the 2DBOY (world of goo) boys, Kyle Gabler; another creative named Kyle Gray who is responsible for the Nintendo DS video game: Henry Hatsworth; and Allan Blomquist. These three minds have been to blame for Little Inferno’s incendiary experience .

How to play Little Inferno? what is it about?

The playable concept of Little Inferno is surprisingly simple. Burn Things! To do this you must buy items that we will throw or deposit in our beloved fireplace and then set on fire to everything we have placed, do you think silly? It may be although this videogame catches you off guard and hooks you when the approach seems uninviting, except for an arsonist or lover of chaos and destruction …

“When you click with the mouse you create a flame”

However, one unlocks new products and catalogs until the end (read explanation below), while the Tomorrow Corporation title does not have any story or argument. The weather officer repeatedly announces that he is incessant frosts, advising to stay warm at home of course using the fireplace. You meet a nice neighbor who sends you letters telling her experience with her fireplace and sometimes you receive letters from an older woman named Miss Nancy. Apart from what has been told, the game continues with the objective of burning freely what you want.

“Each Object reacts credibly and differently to the fire and heat we apply”

Is there anything else in the proposal? Of course it is, since it is not just burning things. There is a list of challenges in the form of a puzzle, that is, in this list there are phrases that give small clues about the objects that you must combine to be able to get that puzzle or challenge, once you have guessed this riddle (burning the correct objects) you will have a better reward. Meeting these objectives or puzzles is also necessary to unlock new catalogs since you will be asked to have a minimum of riddles solved, although it is not something especially complicated to carry out.

When you get all the available catalogs, seven in particular, they will give you a final clue to be able to conclude your game, although many will be attracted by the power of the flames trying to decipher the 99 puzzles.

Graphics and music

Both design, drawings and music are the mark of the house of Kyle Gabler , one of those who conceived World of Goo, who again makes a lovely work full of creativity . The music is phenomenal and all the artistic design that each of the many objects with its animations and movements entails is to applaud him, we adore his illustrations and fantastic sense of humor. Let’s not forget that it is a game made by 3 people.

In Perfect Spanish

Many times the Spanish translations are a real garbage, but on the contrary there are many exceptions, Little Inferno is one of them. The texts of the letters sent by Miss Nancy, our neighbor or the person in charge of the weather are written with great care and humor, it shows, and it is appreciated.

The ending is surprising and well worth it

CARE SPOILER IN THE PARAGRAPH! This video game looks like another just to reach the end. When we make the combination of 4 objects in particular and burn them, the end of the game will begin. But this seems another, where we can easily guide the protagonist through the streets, away from his home and his Little Inferno fireplace. We will meet the mailman who sent us all the packages, we will enter Tomorrow Corporation and meet his lovely owner. We will know the true end of our neighbor, and many more things and details. All represented with the same style and charm, it is gratifying to see the care of this final worthwhile.


The first trailer captures the essence of the game through a fun video clip, and in the second you can see what we have explained in How to play, you can check if this type of game is for you, or it is better to let it pass.

Where to play this experimental game?

To enjoy this warm experience, you can purchase Little Inferno for PC or the new Wii U . As the steps with the title of World of Goo have been taken, we think that they will also be coming soon for Smartphones and Tablets.

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