Dark Game is to play the role without a Master

We have felt that way. The closest thing to playing the role we have experienced without the need of a master to tell us and guide us through our decisions and what history has in store for us. The same book complies more than satisfactorily with the need to have a person in charge of acting as an arbitrator and narrator of what happens to us. In the book are the rules, the history and the appropriate guide to lead us through the different routes that we will take according to our decisions, without at any time we end up lost or confused in the course of reading and playing. Great work in every way by David Velasco, author of Heroes of Steel .

“This is more than reading and playing, it’s you being the hero you want to be”

The rules and requirements of the Dark Game book

“A very short learning curve with many possibilities”

Of course, how could it be otherwise, for the good reading of Heroes of Steel requires the learning of simple rules that come at the beginning of the book and I must emphasize that they are excellently explained, so we do not think it will be complicated for any reader; it is detailed how to fill in the basic form, what you will need during the reading : the form filled in, two dice of six, a pencil, a rubber and little else; The beginning of the book also tries to explain how the fighting takes place, with very clear examples.

These are easy rules for someone who is an expert in role-playing games or with some knowledge in this area, and even the initiates will find it very accessible from the first moment if you read the rules carefully.

The story that will be your turn to live in Heroes of Steel

“An Adventure that you will read greedily, learn more and more grace to a dynamic and fast reading that hooks you.”

It all starts with your character leaving for the most important city in the kingdom of Úrowen, Verinfes . The reason for the trip is none other than finding new challenges, living your adventure after the encouragement of your father who, aware of your talent, wishes you to be more than a farmer or farmer . Until we reach the city we are leading our hero through a good and entertaining story, with several fights, encounters with characters and all the rest that serve us to adapt perfectly to the rules and welcome us to the great adventure that we wait. We notice that although it is a fairly guided path, it gives us a great sense of deciding the personality of our character and the course of history. Upon reaching the city a wide range of possibilities opens before us.

“Realms full of Magic and Spells at your disposal to face all creatures and dangers”

We loved the fact that it places you so successfully in a fantastic epic atmosphere with adult tone . The fun will not be based only on fighting, getting a better team, advancing through the story from point to point; The great pleasure of David Velasco’s work is discovered in the hardness of some decisions, in being able to feel that you have different radically different paths to choose and in other subtly different occasions. You live in the Middle Ages , where cruelty, lack of morality, violence, villains reigned and whose pages are shown in a fantastic way, although there is always room for heroes, kindness and compassion. And this adventure you decide what kind of hero you want to be.

Start role-playing games with Dark Game

Something we have thought while reading this book is that it can serve as a good introduction to role-playing games , as we said above by simple rules as by the interesting and adult story. Many curious people who approach the role for the first time with this book could be seduced to learn more about role-playing games and everything that surrounds this enriching and imaginative world.

It reminded us of the old conversational adventures

This book especially touched our purest nostalgia … (tears) … at times we seemed to be playing the role with our friends in life and even enjoying a good conversational adventure of the old ones. This is honestly priceless.

Book Conclusion

We were surprised and although it is not a new concept coming from the old ones Choose your own Adventure this has a great story and rules that go straight to the point providing fun and with many possibilities, all this gets fully involved until we get hooked, you we recommend it! .

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