BioShock Infinite analysis Is it worth it?

In just three days I finished the BioShock Infinite game released by 2K Games and developed by Irrational Games. We have played it from beginning to end and after meditating well on the sensations that the videogame has left us, we will try to talk a little about the good and the bad that we have discovered in this magnificent experience.

The Graphics in BioSchock Infinite

Let’s talk in parts, in this case about the graphics:

The version in which I played has been on PC with High graphics and sometimes I could even raise them to Very high even in Ultra. This reaffirms the solidity and great work of optimization that Unreal Engine 3 has, nothing new at this point, and that is that when in other games on my laptop I can hardly put them in High graphics, in BioShock Infinite and thanks to the engine Epic Games chart you can enjoy a graphic show with a modest computer.

And yes, what most attracts attention in BioShock Infinite is the impressive graphic section, it all starts a bit like the first Bioschok, accessing a lighthouse in the middle of the sea and from the mysterious lighthouse, in this case launched to the clouds, you will begin your journey to a brightly recreated world. In general, everything looks incredible, lighting, textures, the rendering distance is brutal with other floating islands, clouds, particle effects in the background, and in general every scenario we travel is immensely full of objects and details to enlarge the show global visual

If there is a but in the graphics, trivialities, it is the modeling of people and even main characters. I don’t think it’s at a level as spectacular as the stage. It is my personal impression. And perhaps another point against it is that nothing is destructible but the sensation that one may have that everything is completely solid, without any interaction.

The Rhythm in the third BioShock

I think this is a little mark of the house of all the BioShocks and in general of the video games of action of the last years. The Rhythm is overwhelming, although there are quite a few moments where the rhythm becomes calm and without action, such as the first hour that serves to introduce us into the history of the city and Booker DeWitt, protagonist, who must find Elisabeth and take her to the “Real World” To settle a debt.

In fact, it should be emphasized that although there is a huge city, the way to visit it and the script is the most linear. Something that was expected in this type of game.

Mechanics, Virgorizers and gameplay in Infinite

The gameplay or gameplay mechanics of this Irrational Games title have seemed a bit lazy and bland. I am sorry to be tough in this regard but the more I progressed and the more invigorating (character powers) the more I shone the lack of innovation within the genre of FPS or 3D Shooters. It seemed to me a first-person shooter game of the most mediocre, of the lot. And the existence of Vigorizers did not improve it, in fact at no time they seem fundamental to win defeat the enemies, the weapons alone were more than enough.

I can not say bluntly that I was bored, but I think that Bioschok Infinite is halfway in the playable aspect and one does not feel more fun than with any other FPS. He has new ideas such as catching the air rails with the hook and traveling as if he were a wagon in different parts of the stage, perfect to surprise the enemies, but little else …

I have felt moments that I wanted to spend from encounters with enemies and continue the story, which is really what is most worth the game along with the visual impact of the scenarios and the personality of the main actors of the play.

The Argument, characters and life in Columbia

What I have left of the video game is that â € œIn Columbia everything is possible, even the tears that connect with other spaces and times different from the current one.


There are three characters that give the story a lot of strength and that are also the main protagonists of BioShock Infinite:

Booker DeWitt : is the man we control at all times which reflects on many occasions that hides a murky, dirty and dark past. Once he finds Elisabeth, it is intriguing as he never shows his intentions, nor which side he is with respect to which if he delivers the girl he could provide a worse destiny than the one that lives locked in the floating city. Of course this will not be revealed until the end. Which has seemed sublime and disconcerting, you may have to watch the final several times. Worth.

Elisabeth : She is the girl that we are looking for so much in the game and that once you find her we believe that she will amaze you, she will fascinate you as much as terror will produce her guardian or bird called SongBird. The city of Columbia was brimming with life but once Elisabeth joins your trip, history will win in many ways. The artificial intelligence, reactions and behavior of the girl both in moments of combat and touring the stages is amazing. Thousands of dialogues and will always behave credibly in any situation. Another point to mention is the help he gives us looking for weapons, life, money according to our needs at all times. And always, always without disturbing the minimum.

Zachary Hale Comstock : is the creator and dominator of the floating islands. With extreme frequency we will hear his voice alerting everyone about the False Pastor, Booker or us, who comes to rob Elisabeth. Comstock is an ultra fanatic character that clashes with his almost sectarian words and speeches. It will put us in a lot of trouble with their armies and in the end it seems to me a character at the level of the other two.

The life and history of Columbia in Bioshock

Everywhere we discover more and more of this utopian existence created by Comstock. Theology, thoughts, ways of life, and endless details. The world created by Irrational Games may like it more or less, but there is no doubt that it is original and shocking as Rapture could have been with the first Bioschok.

I really liked that in every corner there is some inhabitant of Columbia who, speaking well to you or his companions, gives you information about the city and the way of life, it is clearly a success to give credibility to the Story and argument. Although the negative point is that once you make that automatic interaction when passing by someone’s side it will remain silent forever. This is a reflection that the game wants you to watch, listen and advance without stopping too much, because if you stop the atmosphere and the feeling of life of Columbia could vanish.


The atmosphere, history and graphics are of the highest quality, but at the playable level we believe that it does not deserve more than a 6. It is also possible that you love or hate the style of life of Columbia and its intricacies so It depends on your tastes. Regardless of all that, BioShock Infinite is well worth it.

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