About Us

Eden Platform of Creativity

Eden is a creative platform for the dissemination of creative, innovative and entertaining projects, which include: funny animation series, web applications, flash games, highlighting design companies, small social networks, experiments and innovative digital services and useful to the user. Ultimately we seek new ideas and projects that give a breath of fresh air to the national creative scene as we join this effort creating.

Entertainment, creativity and innovation

The creative platform gave its go-ahead to mid-2011 when we were immersed in learning slowly improving creative platform. 2014 to focus too much on our jobs page, this changes to project efforts in disseminating interesting projects, interviews, games and websites.

The platform of Eden Creative presents the simplest way, a direct path towards good and original ideas in different media and executed in various ways : Between projects, games , websites , or through the experience of interviews with the creators.

I. Ideas Projects

In our Projects section we spread the creative , innovative and entertaining ideas from other artists regardless of subject. We also show some of our work and we want to turn the page in a broadcasting platform great and original ideas carried out in different media. Click the link below to View Projects.

II . Ideas on Video

A separate level and in Spain there is a lot of artists developing games for any platform. From Eden want to encourage these Spanish indie games and give them our full support. Discover Spanish Games our guide.

III . Great Ideas in websites

The websites shown in this guide to art and design show up where you can reach with dedication , perseverance and practice. We wanted to highlight the values ​​of each of the sites under review, all winning and recognized as one of the best for their animations , design, navigation, artwork, etc. See Webs.

IV. Creatives and artists share their ideas

In our interviews section shared creative vision and success we reached by Spanish artists. Thanks to the hard work already performed its solid and outstanding projects came to fulfill his dreams , so here our task was to share it with you all. See our interviews.